Kids Parties With Little Boo-Teek

Tuesday April 28th 2015



Kids Parties To Die For! 

Want to know how to host kids parties to die for? Well if you promise not to tell, we’ll share our secrets with you ... shhhhh. Now you have to understand I’m in no way talking about TV character themed get togethers. I’m talking super stylish children’s birthday celebrations. The sort of party kids and adults walk in to and their mouths drop open because it’s so spectacular. Right, now that we’ve got that clear, here are the secrets.

1. Choose a theme that rocks

To create kids parties to die for, you need to choose a theme that rocks. Think about your little kids big personality and match it with a theme. It could be bright and bubbly like confetti, sweet and cool like ice-cream, fast and furious like a rocket ship, or boyishly boastful like pirates. You get the idea right? 


2. Choose invitations to make a big impression

You know first impressions are everything, so for awesome kids parties, choose stand-out party invitations. Make sure the invites you choose match the theme you have planned for the celebration. Start wow-ing your guests (and their mums) from the moment your party invitation hits their hands.


3. Kids parties to die for are decorated to perfection

Now for the first impression when everyone arrives – kids parties to die for have to be decorated flawlessly. You want the look of professional party styling that continues your theme. So choose gorgeous decorations, we like to call them party décor, that set the scene for fun and indulgence and all the things kids love at parties! This will make your party the talk of the class.


4. The way to their hearts is through their bellies

Yes, it’s true, kids parties to die for have spectacular food. Now we don’t want you spending a lifetime in the kitchen preparing for a celebration. But with a little bit of smarts and great presentation, you will win the hearts of your party-goers. Our secret lies in your food presentation, choose on-trend and unique party plates and cups to make your party super stylish.

Now we’ve shared our secrets to throwing kids parties to die for, you can take your parties to a whole new level. You might even get a reputation for throwing the most enviable children’s birthday parties in town. Everyone will want an invitation to your child’s event, but let’s face it, only be your chosen few who make the list!

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