Tiger Tribe Pull Back Bunnies


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Bunnies on wheels! Crazy but awesome fun! Zoom down the rabbit hole with Tiger Tribe's speedy pull-back bunnies.

With our Pull-Back Bunnies kids can create their own rabbit races... who do you think will win the Cottontail Cup? Will it be Blue Bunny in his smart racing goggles? Or will it be Pink Bunny by a twitchy little nose? Just pull back and watch them race off. Each bunny's ears are made from soft felt with an adorable fluffy bunny tail. Two bunnies to collect. Each is approximately 9.5cm long (including that fluffy tail).

Tiger Tribe is an Australian company made up of illustrators, graphic artists, educators and toy designers who share a love of design and making creative children’s products bringing you a range of innovative and beautifully designed children's toys and gifts that will bring little ones hours of entertainment!

Suitable for ages 3+

Each bunny is sold separately