The Unfold Story - The Early Years

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The Unfold Story: The Early Years - a photographic journey from birth to 12 months and then to five years

The ultimate keepsake and baby gift..especially for those us who are a little time poor! These albums are the easy baby books, there's no place to record your family history and the price of petrol or cinema tickets, because if you're anything like me those pages will never be filled out - despite the best of intentions!

Use this book to record your child’s life through photos from birth to age five. The pages unfold to reveal their journey, with monthly photos from birth to one year of age; and then yearly photos to age five. There are five blank pages for you to place special occasion photographs such as your child’s first Christmas and/or Christening/Naming Day. This album is the perfect accompaniment for the Letters to Your Child pack and Milestone Flip Book. Their photographic story can then be continued in The Unfold Story: The Education Years.

Each page fits one 5 x 7 inch photograph, either horizontally or vertically - 22 Pages to record monthly and then yearly photos of your child’s life.

Size is 210mm x 230mm printed on 300gsm environmentally friendly card.

The perfect gift for a baby shower or for new parents.