Spineless Classics - The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz - Colour

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Introducing Spineless Classics: an entire book... on a print!

Follow the yellow brick road...! Recorded in it's entirety on one sheet, the Wizard of Oz Spineless Classics poster is printed on heavyweight card in sharp ink that will not fade. With the famous yellow bring road illustrated amongst the story, this print is sure to be loved by all kids - big and small!


Dorothy's magical journey to the Emerald City is recorded here in it's entirety on one sheet. The cowardly lion, the tin man, the poisoned poppies, wicked witches, flying monkies and yellow brick road of L. Frank Baum's timeless adventure are known to millions and now you can have them right on your wall with the classic and stylish design.

Size: 500 x 700mm. The black border around the text is for effect on this website it is not actually printed.


Please Note:  The Spineless Classics range is pre-order with an estimated shipping time of 14 business days from order placement