Speckled House Rocket Wall Decal

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Space loving, rocket ship flying little astronaut on your hands?  Apply this funky Rocket wall decal to their room and just stand back and watch them squeal in delight!

Complete your space theme with our Galaxy Star Projector night light and Glow In The Dark Stickers!

The perfect way to decorate your child's room, baby nursery, play room or ANY room of the house!  Best part about these wall stickers? Once the new craze sets in and they MUST have a perfectly themed room again simply peel off and you're done!  No re-painting required!

Speckled House vinyl kids decals can be applied to almost any surface - painted walls (allow 3 weeks to dry freshly painted walls), wall-paper, counter tops, windows, mirrors and tiles. 

Rocket measures approximately 55CM

1 sheet per pack