Sonny Angel Doll - Marine

Sonny Angel Doll - Marine

Price: $ 14.95


Fall in love with these super cute Sonny Angel Marine Series!

Each series contains 12 different styles plus 1 secret style to collect - each Sonny Angel doll features adorable little "angel wings" on their back and unique headwear which is perfectly themed! Their gorgeous heads are also adjustable... have them looking over their shoulder or directly at you!

These super sweet and adorable collectable mini-dolls make the perfect gift for little girls, little boys and not so little kids as well... they look gorgeous lined up on your desk, propped up in pot plants, hallway tables and more!

Sonny Doll Marine Series Includes: Starfish, Whale, Dolphin, Clownfish, Penguin, Seahorse, Jellyfish, Blowfish, Shell, Seal, Ray and Shark.  

Each doll is sold separately! Be warned... we're not quite sure you'll be able to stop at just the one - we DARE you to resist collecting them all!

Each adorable kewpie doll measures approximately 78MM x 38MM x 27MM

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