Sands Alive! Starter Set

Sands Alive! Starter Set

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Sands Alive Starter Set - everything you need to let the fun begin!  

So light and fluffy that it flows through your hands!  Surely we can't be describing sand?  We ARE!  

Introducing SANDS ALIVE!  Unique formula incorporates the fun of sand without the mess - every mothers dream! Made from all natural, organic ingredients, Sands Alive is anit-bacterial and non-toxic.  Super easy to mould and shape - best of all it can be used over and over again - seriously addictive! 

Incredibly malleable... apply pressure to easily mould and hold amazing shapes. It also never dries out! Suitable for children 3 years and up.

Includes 1 x 1.5 pound bag of sand and 4 tools - Suitable for children 3 years +


Your Sands Alive needs to breathe! For optimal play, remove Sands Alive! from its plastic bag and loosen it up with your hands. Allow it to sit in the open air for several hours. When you come back to your sand, it will be light and fluffy and ready for play!

Sands Alive! is made from all natural, organic materials and can vary in colour and texture.
Store in an airtight container after use. Sands alive! is water soluble (breaks down in water).



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