RhiCreative Bundle - Baby & School Days Books

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Our ultimate bundle... Baby Book & School Days Books!  Purchase together and SAVE!

These books will have you covered from conception right through to the last year of secondary school!

Baby Book

Track your precious little ones progress in this beautiful 56 page baby book.  This beautiful baby book isA4 spiral bound and printed on 100% recycled card stock - designed and lovingly made in Australia.

Includes space for key developmental milestones during infancy through to toddler years all the way up to 5 years of age!  You're guaranteed to not miss any important memories or milestones! Baby's first birthday, Baby's Christening, Baby's first Christmas, Our first holiday. rolled over, sat up, smiled, tooth, crawled, clapped, stood up by yourself, words, swim, said 'mum, said 'dad', sang a song, fave toy, fave book, first day at kindy, haircut etc.

School Years Book

A follow on from the Rhicreative Baby Book to record memorable moments from the 'younger years'. Covering ages 2 and 3, kindergarten / pre school and then onto the primary school years as well as the first and last day of secondary school. Plenty of spare pages for each year level to keep special keepsakes and photos.

This 56 page, A4 Spiral bound 'School Days' book is printed on 100% recycled cardstock.

A beautiful and thoughtful gift for any child from their parent!


Bundle includes 1 x Baby Book and 1 x School Days Book