Pixie Door - Aqua

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Beautiful, all new Resin Pixie Door in Aqua.. guaranteed to delight!

Handmade Polymer Clay Pixie Doors....these are a special order and the Fairies never make any two the same!

Use double-sided sticky tape or blu-tack to hang your fairy door - install it in the kitchen, on the stairs or landing for the whole family to share. You can leave notes and little flowers at the door and you never know... you might get a reply.  

Our beautiful range of Fairy & Pixie Doors and equally irresistible accessories are guaranteed to bring some magic and happiness wherever they go!  Help to ignite children's imaginations - Fairy Doors make the perfect gift for both boys and girls alike!

Materials:  Handmade Polymer Clay and non-toxic paint

Dimensions: H 11CM x W 12.2CM

Colour: Aqua

These products are for display purposes and are not recommended for children under 5.