Perfect Petzzz Maltese Puppy

Perfect Petzzz Maltese Puppy

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Adorable and oh so loveable Maltese Perfect Petzzz!  This gorgeous 6 month old soft body puppy is the perfect companion for your little one!

Your Maltese breathes like a real puppy and comes complete with an adoption certificate.  A cute puppy sleeping in its soft bed. It requires no maintenance, feeding or cleaning. It is an ideal gift for all ages.

Perfect Petzzz are the authentic sleeping puppies and kittens.  They are so cute and lifelike – you can even see them breathe! You’re sure to find a Perfect Petzzz companion that’s just right for you or perfect as a gift to the dog- or cat-lover in your life, that offer unconditional love and are maintenance-free.


100% synthetic and contain no animal products or fur.
Compliant to CE, EN71, RoHS and WEEE standards.
Powered by 1 D cell battery.

Comes complete with - 1 D Battery, Brush, Bed, Cardboard Carrier, Instructions, Adoption Certificate


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