Peewee Ponies - Dougal

Peewee Ponies - Dougal

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Introducing Dougal the Peewee Pony! A dependable, loyal pony, he's your best mate!

Dougal is a bay Peewee Pony he has a chocolate brown body and black mane and tail. He also has four neat white socks and a white blaze down his nose. When you need a helping hand, Dougal will be there and comes in a handy play box decorated with scenes from the barn.

Use to play with or to decorate, there are five beautiful designs to collect!  With their cute expressions and distinct personalities, Peewee Ponies are perfect for pretend play, make believe, and small world play - perfect for children of all ages!

Each Peewee Pony is sold separately 


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