My Lil Ice Pop - Blue/Green Pack

My Lil Ice Pop - Blue/Green Pack

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My Lil Ice Pops are 100% FDA approved food grade silicone, making summer treats sensationally yummy and easy!

Dishwasher safe they are easy to clean and available in bright and fun colours that are appealing to all kids (and adults too!)

Each ice pop holds 80mls of your preferred fillings, strong and durable they can be reused again AND AGAIN without any signs of wear and tear! Little teeth will have a hard time getting through these! They’d made a great treat AND a teething relief for little ones!

Fill them with fresh fruit juices, smoothies and yoghurts for easy go to treats without the added sugars!! Diluted cordial is always a quick and easy go to filling that kids absolutely love! 

This Blue Green Combo Pack OF 4 contains 2 x green, 1 x light blue & 1 x dark blue Ice Pops with matching lids.


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