Mens Society Daddys Wheelie Cool Bicycle Kit

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For the man who has it all and loves his "wheelie cool bicycle"!

Small batch muscle rub and chafing cream. Ginger and black pepper will invigorate his aching muscles while grape oil and rosemary protect from rubbing. If your dad's happiest on two wheels, this is the gift set he's been looking for.


  • Muscle rub. Blended by hand with ginger, peppermint, lavender and black pepper. Designed to soothe and re-energise his screaming muscles.
  • Chafing cream. The less said about this the better. But it's all-natural, made from great things like grape oil and rosemary leaf extract. And he will be very, very thankful for it.
  • Trouser clips. To keep his fashionable slacks away from that oily chain. They're also reflective. Safety first.
  • Waterproof poncho. No fair-weather cyclists here.