Life + Notes

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How do you keep track of your child’s health?

Eighteen years is the span of a childhood yet it goes in a flash and all those vivid moments fade into vague stories – was it Henry who had chickenpox or Cooper? Was it Grace who had a tetanus shot when she trod on that rusty nail at the park?

The Life + Notes journal is a baby record book that helps you stay organised and keep note of immunisations, illnesses, growth and developmental milestones. There’s also space to record proud moments and love letters to your child on every birthday.

From birth to leaving home, with the Life + Notes journal, your child’s health information will be in safe hands – your hands.


Change doctors or move house without worrying about losing a complete and detailed record of your childs health information.

Give your child a precious gift when they leave home - their own handwritten health history in the form of a baby record book that will become a tangible symbol of love and care.

Additional Information:

  • 240mm x 180mm (A5)
  • Boxed
  • Covered in a mid-grey premium linen cloth