Lapin and Me Blue Woodland Money Box

Lapin and Me Blue Woodland Money Box

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Adorable Blue Woodland Money Box Doll by Lapin and Me!

The new Woodland Doll Money Box is sitting poised to look after your pocket money. She is made of super strong plastic so she won't break and you don't have to smash her to get your hands on your money.

These gorgeous Woodland Dolls have become quite iconic worldwide - original mid century cutie's with a real retro feel.  First produced in Japan in 1971, they are now being reproduced exclusively for Lapin and Me, in the same factory as they were all those years ago - there is no mass production here - each doll is hand sprayed lovingly!

Whether it's a unique baby gift or birthday present for a special little girl - this is sure to delight!  They make a GORGEOUS addition to any baby or childs room!

Size:  22CM

Suitable for ages 3+

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