EasyRead Time Teacher Card

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Introducing the EasyRead Time Teacher Cards - the perfect accompaniment to the EasyRead Watch range to help the learning continue at home!

This single resource can be used to demonstrate every element of the "time telling" relating to analogue clocks, including writing the displayed time on the write-on-wipe-off surface.

Printed both sides with ‘Past and To’ on one side and ‘12/24hr time’ on the other and with 2 sets of hands, it is the perfect hand held time-teaching resource!

The design of the faces makes every element easy to explain, it even shows how the hour number changes at half past when we're teaching ‘Minutes Past and To the Hour’.

It also allows for instant comparison between ‘12/24 Hour’ times and ‘Minutes Past and To’; very useful when you reach that part of the curriculum.  

32cm x 39cm. Dial is 30cm.