doiy Pillow Fight

doiy Pillow Fight

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Looking for HOURS of fun?  A gift that is guaranteed to extract squeals of delight as soon as the wrapping paper is ripped off?  Enter doiy Pillow Fight!

The world would be a more peaceful place if pillow fights happened more often. Or better yet, if pillow fights were used in place of war. But of course, to properly fight with pillows, you need proper pillows to fight with.

A double sided viking axe, a sword, nunchakus, and a ninja star, that's what these pillows are. It's a complete arsenal of fluffy fury that'll definitely intimidate your next sleepover opponent into submission.

Viking Axe - 47cm x 19cm 

Sword - 36.5cm x 9cm

Nunchakus - 45cm x 5cm (or 18cm x 5cm each with a 9cm join)

Ninja Star - 9cm diameter


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