Clockwork Soldier - The Ultimate Superhero Games

Clockwork Soldier - The Ultimate Superhero Games

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The amazing four sided flip and fold Superhero game board for your little ones!!

Have you got what it takes to enter the Superhero Games and take on the Quad, an amazing 4 sided game. Score points in each event to win and become the ultimate Superhero.

Enter the Superhero Games tournament to test your superpowers to the max! A 4-in-1 Superhero game with an amazing four sided folding game board known as the quad. Fold it one way to take on the Flying Ludo challenge, then fold it in half again to test your superhero skills with Zap Power Checkers, keep folding the board to play 4 completely different games, including The Vortex and Save The City snakes and ladders.

Additional Information:

Contents: 1x Folding game board, 1x Instructions, 40x Game pieces

Size: 32 x 32 x 3.5cm

Made from 350g recycled cardboard.
Age 5+

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