Afternoon Tea - Set of 5 Tins

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Vintage-styled metal storage containers are labeled for tea, coffee, sugar, bread and cake, and are sized perfectly for each. These gorgeous tins come with prettily scalloped lids – perfect for keeping your daily essentials stored in retro-style! With their 1950’s design and generous sizes, they’re a must for any on trend kitchen.

All tins are airtight (except Bread Bin.)*

*Bread bins should not be completely airtight as bread needs to breath for the crust to stay crisp and the bread to stay fresh

Product Dimensions:
Bread Tin: D. 22.5cm, H. 26.5cm*
Airtight Sugar, Tea, Coffee Tins: D. 9.5cm, H. 13.5cm
Airtight Cake Tin: D. 21cm, H. 7cm

Material: Powder coated carbon steel