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Thursday May 1st 2014




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Natasha 01 May 2014
To be able to show my children the wonder and joy that is Disneyland is a dream. That and to finally go on the Indiana Jones ride
Kelly 01 May 2014
We would so love to win this great offer. We have always wanted to visit Disneyland and I would love to experience it with my family.
Kelly 01 May 2014
We would so love to win this great offer. We have always wanted to visit Disneyland and I would love to experience it with my family.
Taryn 01 May 2014
Thank you for the chance to win a trip. I would love the opportunity to win for my three boys. They have never been to Disney and would love to be able to go. We have always been fans. :)
Pina wright 01 May 2014
This would be fantastic to win
Nancy Licata 01 May 2014
Would love it!!
Nancy Licata 01 May 2014
Would love it!!
Nicole 01 May 2014
Yes please
Amanda 01 May 2014
That would be awesome
Natalie wheeler 01 May 2014
As a family of 5 winning this trip would be amazing and a dream come true.
Sandra Kennedy 01 May 2014
Oh Mickey your so fine, Disneyland, please blow my mind!
yueli hu 01 May 2014
Love it, love it.....
Sarah 01 May 2014
I wish!
Monique 01 May 2014
Such an awesome prize, good luck everyone :)
Lisa 01 May 2014
Jess 01 May 2014
Ahh send me and the family away please my two year old Isla would love it :)
Debby Mcgowan 01 May 2014
This trip would be a family dream come true.
Katie Caputo 01 May 2014
My oldest daughter has been through soo much medically and her younger sisters have been her side through all of it. They deserve a dream vacation form it all. And with our budget that is all it is... a dream
Kylie lake 01 May 2014
No words can describe how exciting it would be to win. A dream come true for our family :)
joan 01 May 2014
My family and I need a vacation..Be a awesome experience family time out..fingers cross..
Meghan 01 May 2014
It would be my childhood dream to in this trip! Not only for me to go but to take my daughter with me!
Jessica 01 May 2014
Its a sign!!! i was in tears this morning because my brother and sister in law and niece left for disneyland and i so want it to be me and my boys now with the as an opportunity maybe just maybe once i will win something and if it was this i would never want to win another thing!!…this would be the ultimate dream of a lifetime!!! xx
Jenna Hansen 01 May 2014
Would love to take the family on out first holiday to where the magic all began :)
Ika Marie Barisic 01 May 2014
In my daughters words. "I need to meet Cinderella before I'm too old!"
Tammy king 01 May 2014
Argghhhh so want to win I never win anything
Allison McLeay 01 May 2014
To show that dreams really can come true. It's been a dream of mine to go to Disneyland since I was 5 years old! My dream WILL come true.
Amrita bhullar 01 May 2014
It would be a dream come true for us:))
natasha 01 May 2014
What an amazing feeling would it be to actually win something, ive never won anything in my life but to win this would be the best thing ever would love to take my daughter here! Thanks for this opportunity :) good luck to me and the rest of the contestants
Deb Preston 01 May 2014
What an amazing trip to win good luck to everyone
Belinda 01 May 2014
A dream come true to spend with our new little family.
Emma Barling 01 May 2014
This would be amazing we have been wanting to plan a trip but can't afford it at the moment .. Please
Suzi Palmer 01 May 2014
My Deepest desire would become a reality..all my family together in the Happiest place on Earth!
Yvonne Vizard 01 May 2014
Do I deserve to win?
Is wishing a deadly sin?
Your products are the best,
Miles ahead of the rest.
I'm as excited as Huckleberry Finn.
Natalie Violi 01 May 2014
Would be the perfect family holiday.
Claire 01 May 2014
What an awesome once in a life time experience - a tick off the bucket list for the kids
Jessica Jimenez 02 May 2014
I would love to win this and take my family the one time we went to disney it was because my father past and it was something that we never got to do together so it was a little sad I 2ould love to go under happiness :)
nicole larsen 02 May 2014
This is something that I have always wanted to do and experience with my family
Louise 02 May 2014
Would be a great experience, fingers cross and good luck
Sarah Swan 02 May 2014
My daughter would think all her dreams had come true if we won this!!!
Toni Mitchell 02 May 2014
I would love to win this magical prize it has been a childhood dream to see disneyland & would love the oppurtunity to take my grandchildren whilst still young enough to do so....I have never been lucky when it comes to competitions, but maybe the magic of disney will change this....fingers & toes crossed...good luck to who ever wins this great prize.
tyne 03 May 2014
What a cool experience to win, good luck to everyone entered :-)
Rachel Johnstone 03 May 2014
What an awesome prize it would be a dream come ture
Wendy McManus 03 May 2014
Yes please! This is where dreams really do come true!!
Amanda 03 May 2014
To be able to take my children to a place they have only ever dreamed of.
Anna 03 May 2014
This would be a dream come true, we could never afford it!!
brenda shearer 04 May 2014
would love 2 win 2 spend time with my daughter/grandkids as it would b a lovely memory for them
rana obeid 04 May 2014
This is an awesone opportunity for my 3 kids and I to go on a plane which we have always wanted to do but never have and also to go to disney land is something we would have only dreamt about so it would be a dream cone true, also my 3 kids have been so amazingly supportive and taken care of me (mum) when my (ra) disease was at its worst when I needed help with everyday things they were my helping hand and helped to take care of me and their youngest sister who is now 2 and they themselves are so little themself, son is 7 daughter 9, now that my health is sooo much better and I am able to walk again, I would love to win this trip to thank them for helping me (their mum) through my toughest times and this would be their reward for it. Tia xx
Diane 04 May 2014
Would love to win the opportunity to take my kids to Disney land and watch the joy on their faces as the meet their princesses and heroes
Patricia K Cummins 04 May 2014
To show my grand kids a beautiful part of the world.
Mallory fraser 04 May 2014
My beautiful daughter tells everyone who will listen that her third birthday will be at Disneyland! That is the end of this month and its not going to happen! She would absolutely LOVE this!
Katrina Morrow 04 May 2014
What a very special gift to be able to give to my two kids. A very special holiday.
Cherie pynaker 04 May 2014
Would love to win this to go with my sister/auntie on her last holiday as she is dying at 34 from cancer a dream come true to enjoy her happy times
ANITA 04 May 2014
To meet the team at disney land
Jackie Reynolds 05 May 2014
What a magical place. Maybe my dreams could come true if a visit here.
naomi holly 06 May 2014
I went when I was young and the memories are so strong and wonderful I would love to take my family and share this with them.
lily Cunningham 06 May 2014
Looking forward to taking my kids to disneyland! Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck to all
Karla 06 May 2014
Children and Adults dream come true.
Karen page 06 May 2014
A trip to Disney land would be the ultimate holiday for our family :)
sofi Papapavlos 07 May 2014
Ultimate experience would be able to go.
Erica Miller 07 May 2014
Good luck everyone. Whichever family wins there little ones will have such a fabulous time.

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