Teething jewellery – Why choose (chews!) jelly over amber?

Monday June 17th 2013


Teething jewellery – Why choose (chews!) jelly over amber?

Teething jewellery is designed to help ease your bub’s transition from a gummy grinning newborn to a cheeky toothy toddler.   Great teething jewellery is soothing and distracting for babies, whilst giving Mum the chance to accessorize with peace of mind.   The appearance of those first tiny teeth in your baby’s mouth is an exciting time. They start to develop their own unique little smiles and can tackle interesting new foods. They also become champion dribblers (if they weren’t already) and in the worst cases can experience symptoms ranging from high temperatures, to irritability to nappy rash.   Some parents swear by amber beads as an alternative therapy to counteract some of these symptoms, but there are several advantages to using other kinds of teething jewellery, like the silicone ‘jelly’ jewellery available at Little Boo-Teek.

Choosing jewellery that’s safe for baby

Amber bead necklaces are a style of teething jewellery designed to be worn by babies, rather than parents. The theory goes that traditional Baltic amber emits a small amount of succinic acid when it is heated up. This acid is thought to have analgesic properties which enter the baby’s system via the sweat and heat that builds around an amber necklace or bracelet.   Like many alternative therapies, the jury’s still out on the science behind these claims, but recent government safety warnings have reminded parents of the dangers of putting such teething jewellery on young children.   Any necklace or cord can easily become tangled on an unattended baby, especially once they reach the age of teething, which goes hand in hand with squirming around!   Teething babies also often find relief through chewing – it helps them understand the new sensations going on in their mouths and can even assist in pain relief.   Amber necklaces are not designed for chewing and may pose a serious choking hazard if they find their way into baby’s mouth.

Choosing jewellery that’s stylish for Mum

Luckily there are now some great alternatives to amber teething jewellery on the market. Little Boo-Teek offers a range of silicone or ‘jelly’ jewellery to be worn by parents and carers.   The silicone used in this jewellery is completely safe for chewing, being free of BPA, PVC, cadmium and lead. It is virtually unbreakable and necklaces come with handy breakaway clasps, allowing them to be removed in a flash if tangling does occur. Because the jewellery is being worn by Mum, the baby will never be left unsupervised around these beads. Rather, they will find them a colourful distraction (handy for breastfeeding!) and a comforting play toy, as well as being free to suck, chew and dribble on Mum’s jewellery with no risk of harm to the baby – or the jewellery!   What’s more, the jelly jewellery for sale at Little Boo-Teek is fully washable. Many mums feel they have to give up wearing jewellery and accessories when they have a young baby for fear that the bub will choke, or that a precious necklace will be ruined. From bold beads to bright bangles, jelly teething jewellery makes it possible to dress up any outfit with confidence.

The unproven science and potential choking risks associated with amber beads now have many parents questioning whether they’re really the best teething jewellery choice for babies. Jelly jewellery provides a safe option for distracting your little one from the discomfort of teething while you’re out and about, while also letting busy mums and carers dress with style.

Top tip: Buy safe and stylish teething jewellery online at Little Boo-Teek

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