Popular Baby Names In Australia

Tuesday May 7th 2013

What's Awesome and Awful in Baby Names in Australia Right Now?

Newsflash fellow Aussies, baby names in Australia go beyond Wayne and Sharron.... There’s a lot to think about when choosing a name for your baby. You want to pick a name that’s individual and will suit your baby and their personality. You may want to consider choosing a family name. But you also need to think about what the name means, the origin of the name or association with the name. (‘Attila", anyone?) Not least of all you need to consider that the name you choose is going to be with them for life. They will have to live with it every single day. (Perhaps avoid ‘Banjo Rocket’?) School is hard enough for kids these days, you don’t want to make your child a target for bullies! (‘Tinkerbell’, really?)

Popular Baby Names In Australia

There are some really fantastic names out there at the moment for boys. The 15 most popular baby names for boys in Australia right now are: William, Ryder, Cooper, Harper, Noah, Mason, Flynn, Ethan, Archer, Lucas, Oliver, Oscar, Jackson, Hamish and Jack.

The 15 most popular girls names at the moment in Australia are: Charlotte, Ava, Amelia, Mia, Zara, Aria, Ella, Chloe, Ruby, Sophie, Sienna, Matilda, Zoe, Annabelle and Alexis.

It may seem like we're going through a "classics" period for baby names here in Australia right now! But more and more new parents are moving away from using the more traditional names. When last did you hear of a new baby being called ‘Richard’ or ‘Jane’? Some new mums and dads are using celebrity inspired names (‘Willow’ or ‘Harper’) place names (‘London’), traditional surnames (‘Riley’), or unconventionally spelt names (‘Alycesaundra’). But some of these unusual names make you wonder what on earth mum and dad were thinking when they named their little bundle of joy!?

The Not-So-Popular Names!

How about naming baby after a beverage? Perhaps one that was being drunk when the baby was conceived or at least when you chose the name? (‘Chardonnay’ or ‘Jack Daniel’ or how about ‘Tequila-Sunrise’?). But before using an unconventional name, think of the practicality of having to spell the name to everyone and it potentially always being spelt wrong (‘MLE’ pronounced ‘Emily’). And how will the name be perceived?
Would a prospective employer be prejudiced against someone called ‘Acid’ who applied for a job? Here is our list of 15 least loved baby names in Australia: Zero (not many expectations for your child, then?), Chawnlahnee (how do you even say that?), Aalivyah (‘I live here’?), Jeni-Fa, Keellii, Mersaydees, Notorius, Elly-ette, Seven, Heaven, Klowee, Pistol, Tomahawk, Sham and Sierre Leonie (OMG read a newspaper before choosing a country name).

Names Most Likely To Get You Child Bullied!

You also need to think about your child’s peers. Kids can be cruel! It’s tough trying to fit in and make friends at the best of times, without a name that makes you stand out like a sore thumb and a target for bullies. Here is our list of such names to avoid: Thijs (pronounced like ‘ice with a T in front’), Bbeeccaa, Cuda Force, Diammond Sparckle, Danger, Kdn, ZowiMitchyl, Xal (pronounced ‘Crystal’), Sundeigh, Stealth Wolffe, Van, Oii Niinja, Q’dell and Refinement. (note, all actual names given in Australia, seriously, I kid you not)
So think carefully when choosing a name for your newborn. Your child’s name is one that is going to be with them for life. Something that might sound hip and funny today could end up being the bane of their life!

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