Little Girl Attitude

Friday March 7th 2014

Little Girl Attitude – Fear of the Teen Years

Changes in little girl attitude happen almost overnight, with little warning. One day you have a delightful little girl who is sweet and funny. Then KA-BOOM! You now have Regan from the Exorcist rampaging through your home on a crazed path of destruction. Or so it seems.

Now don’t get me wrong, at Little Boo-Teek we love a little attitude in our kids, in fact everything we have in store is just right for showing off our beautiful kids with a big personality, but here are some key little girl attitude traits you may just come across at your place.

1. Rebellion in the princess castle

Being rebellious is a key little girl attitude trait. Sometimes it sneaks in over time, and other times it appears over night. Now I say rebellion is great. I don’t want my little princesses to just be one of the sheep, following all others senselessly. I want them to think for themselves, break new ground, ignore barriers, be a leader, a hero - if only to our family. And this requires rebellion. But my rule is this: Be rebellious with everyone, except your mother!

2. A selfish little girl attitude

This little girl attitude starts when they are toddlers, as this stage my girls were selfish. I reminded and coached and reprimanded them constantly to ‘share your toys’ with your brother, give your sister a turn. It was endless. Then the tide turns and they start giving their toys and pocket money and other treasurers away to cousins, friends and kindy kids.

Then we sweep back again and the little girl attitude of selfishness returns as the teenage hormones kick in. They don’t want to share with anyone other than one or two BFFs. Now, in principle I think this is a good thing. As women, and especially mothers, we give too much away. We give so much of our time to our kids (which is perfectly normal) but also to our family, to our friends, to work, to school, to community groups, to mostly everyone apart from ourselves. We need to be more selfish with ourselves and for ourselves. So encouraging some self-centredness in our little girl attitude is a good thing.

3. She is so insensitive

Being insensitive is a little girl attitude that can cause big problems. We want our girls to be sensitive to us, their family and friends. To consider our thoughts and feelings, show compassion and empathy, and be considerate. Not to laugh when their little sister falls off her bike. Not to smirk when their big brother gets into trouble.

But soon enough they’ll be under the influence of school friends and the media, and what do you know, they become too sensitive. They read too much into what friends say, and what they don’t, who gets invited to parties and who doesn’t get to play in groups. And now we want a little of our insensitive girl back. We want her to shrug her shoulders and dance to the beat of her own drum.

Phew, now that you look at it, little girl attitudes are on a roller coaster of positives and negatives. No wonder us mums go a little crazy at times (or a lot of the time). And it’s hard to remember that we were ever that way, surely not! What I keep reminding myself is that I have to nurture some of that little girl attitude, just in the right way.

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