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Wednesday May 15th 2013





Girls Sleepover Games – Keep ‘Em Busy To Keep ‘Em Quiet! 

Sleepovers are great fun... A bunch of young girls, some sugary snacks and drinks, silly movies, loud music … what more could you want? Ok, so after a few hours of listening to screams of laughter, incessant noisy girly chatter and the same songs played over and over again at top volume on the CD player, you might be wondering what you were thinking inviting so many shrill little voices into your home at once. How will you keep them busy so they are kept quiet, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful evening? Well, take a look at our top 5 sleepover games guaranteed to keep the girls entertained….and quiet!

1.  Question Time

Get each girl to write down a question for the group. You can supplement the list with your own list of questions too such as ‘who’s going to get married first?, ‘who’s more good looking, Justin Bieber or Robert Pattinson?’ etc. Cut the questions up and fold into little squares. Place the folded squares in a bowl in the middle of the circle. Go around the room and each girl has a turn to pick out a question and read it out to the group. Give everyone a chance to write their answer down and then compare answers. Expect lots of debate and silly fun!

2.  Fashion Show!

Gather sheets of newspaper, scissors, sticky tape and some string. Divide the girls into teams of two or three. Each team has to decide who is going to be their fashion model. The rest of the team then has to create a fashionable, trendy outfit out of newspaper and the crafty resources you provided. Set the clock ticking for 15 minutes. Once the time is up, each model can do a fashion show and the winner can be chosen.

3.  Blindfolded Makeovers

This game is pretty simple. Divide the group up into pairs. As the name implies, you then blindfold one girl while the other girl performs a makeover (for more fun, have the blindfolded girl perform the makeover)! Set the timer for 10 minutes and then swap partners. Have a camera ready to capture those lovely made up faces!

4.  Pillowcase Memories!

Buy some cheap pillowcases and permanent markers before the sleepover. Get the girls to unleash their inner creative genius! Girls can all write on each other's pillowcases and record messages of tween bonding. This game will keep the girls busy and is a fun memento to take home.

5.  Truth and Lie

Go around the room and each girl has to tell the group one true fact about herself and one made up fact. The rest of the group has to decide which is true and which is false. The sillier the fact, the better!

These 5 best sleepover games are sure to keep the girls busy and quiet…leaving you free to put your feet up and enjoy the evening!


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