Elf On A Shelf - Top 25 Ideas

Tuesday September 16th 2014


The countdown to Christmas is on for 2013...time to get busy cooking up a range of antics and adventures (or misadventures) for your little elf!

We're helping you out this year - here's our top ideas for your little Elf on a shelf!

Oh, and if you haven't already "adopted" a little Elf for your family.. we have plenty right here!

1.  Propped on the kitchen bench nibbling biscuits and sipping milk - the more crumbs left on the bench - the better!

2.  Hanging from a ceiling light or fan - an oldie but a goodie :)

3.  Playing board game with various stuffed animals

4.  Cruising in a remote control or any toy car 

5.  Sipping a cup of juice on top shelf in the fridge - pop a straw in the cup and prop your elf on the cup with straw close to mouth

6.  Superhero Elf - attach a cape (foil will do the trick) and hang from door frame, ceiling, light - possibilities are endless!

7.  Tea Party with stuffed animals 

8.  Making a phone call - could it be Santa he's chatting to?

9.  Tissue paper barricade across children's bedroom door that they need to break through

10. Snow Angel Elf - flour, bench top and one messy little elf!

11. Letter from Elf - listing all the reasons why Elf loves each child!

12. Elf taking a bubble bath - kitchen sink, laundry sink or bathtub

13. Elf messing up cupboard - pile of items in the middle of the floor and cheeky Elf on top of it all

14. Elf cleans up the playroom - kiddies have been very well behaved so Elf decides to surprise them by putting all their toys away (lucky YOU mum)

15. Star With A View!  Elfie atop the Star on the Christmas tree of course!

16. Sleepy Elf... sound asleep in bread bin!

17. Elf LOVES ice cream - propped on the ice cream container in freezer!

18. Naughty Elf - managed to get his hands on a texta and has doodled all over a framed photo

19. Elf loves cookies - upside down in the cookie jar

20. Hide and Seek Elf - Elfie leaves a note for kiddies to find him... found buried among soft toys in play room

21. Ten Pin Bowling Elf Style - using Christmas tree ornaments!

22. Gone Fishing! Elf sitting on top of toilet with fishing rod.. no elf sized rod on hand?  Candy cane with string attached or a straw will do the trick!

23. Countdown to Christmas - updating the countdown board - chalk in hand & chalk dust aplenty everywhere else! 

24. Nap Time - nice and cosy snoozing away in a tissue box!

25. Wrapping the Toilet - oopsies looks like the toilet has had a makeover - wrapped completely in Christmas gift wrap!


Do you have any family favorite antics for your Elf?  We'd LOVE to hear them!!  Comment below x

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