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Friday November 29th 2013

Baby shower presents – what to do at a baby shower and what present to bring 

So your friend is expecting, and expecting baby shower presents that are going to rock – it’s time to step up and throw a baby shower that’s unforgettable. From shower tea games to mum-to-be keepsake gifts, here’s our tips for making it the best baby shower ever!

Baby shower games

Fun is what the baby shower is all about. Everyone is coming together to celebrate the mum-to-be and brand new baby. You’ve decorated the house [link to party decorations] and organised treats, now you must have games to make this an event for everyone to remember. Try games that will get your guests mingling, like Pass the Dummy. Instructions for this game are: divide guests into groups of four or five and line up, then with pencils or straws in their mouths, each person passes a dummy with a handle that loops (like one that may be included in baby shower presents) from the first person to the last person in the group. The first group to pass the dummy from first to last person, without dropping it, wins!

Baby gender reveal fun

Almost as exciting as the actual birth announcement is finding out the gender of a baby before its born! So why not join the gender reveal craze and combine telling family and friends the baby’s sex at the baby shower. Is it a boy or is it a girl? This is the question that everyone is thinking or perhaps even asking, maybe even before they started shopping for baby shower presents. If you can’t keep the secret any longer and want to tell everyone the sex of your baby, here are some ways to share:

  • In the cake. No, not the outside icing colour, but literally inside the cake. Have a filled cake that has pink or blue lollies inside, or pink or blue icing between cake layers. When you guests see the cut cake, they will know your secret.
  • A gender reveal pinata. Yes, this one doubles as a baby shower game as well. Fill the baby-themed piñata with pink or blue baby shower items and sweet treats. Then as your piñata explodes, so the gender of your baby is revealed.
  •  Party favours. Use specialty party favours in the colour that matches the sex of the baby, so just when your baby shower is finishing, your guests receive one last surprise in their party favour bag.

Baby shower presents

New parents need a tonne of things when a baby is about to join their life. Some are essentials for the baby and parents, some just make life easier, and some are pure luxury.. or entice a giggle!

Great baby shower presents that include the essentials might be a basket filled with baby bath items – shampoo, washers and a soft towel; or a basket filled with nappies, baby powder and new born clothing. A present to make life easier, particularly when baby and parents are waking during the night, is a night light. For the parents’ benefit, a night light will help them see their way safely to the cot and an incorporating a design or shape will be interesting for the baby to watch. Some luxury-type baby shower gifts are things a parent may not buy immediately or for themselves. Think of items like stylish storage – wall organisers or bins, or trendy suitcases.

There really is not too much or too little you can do to mark the arrival of a new baby. Celebrating with a baby shower and giving thoughtful baby shower gifts are a fantastic way to help new parents welcome a baby.


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