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Monday April 8th 2013
Baby clothes sizes – What to expect when you’re expecting a biggun!

Baby clothes sizes can be difficult to decipher if you’re new to the game. When you first start browsing the baby clothes aisles, every garment simply looks tiny, and it’s hard to picture just how quickly a new baby can grow once it comes into the world. Selecting baby clothes can be even trickier if you know the new baby is likely to be a biggun! Just because a garment claims to be for a ‘newborn’ doesn’t mean it will fit every new arrival. There are a few helpful hints you can keep in mind when buying for a baby to ensure you make the most practical and cost-effective choices about baby clothes sizes.

Baby clothes sizes guide

Baby clothes sizes covering the first 12 months of life range from 00000 to 0. Beyond that, you can use the child’s age as a rough guide to their clothing size (Size 1 for a 1 year old, for example). The average Australian baby clothes sizes correspond with growth and development stages.



Weight (kg)

Length (cm)



Up to 3

Up to 46





0-3 months




3-6 months




6-12 months




Although this size chart is a helpful guide, baby clothes sizes can vary between brands, just like adult sizes do. Baby boy clothes are also often bigger than baby girl clothes so, just because the ladies at the shops can't tell your little one's gender, doesn’t mean someone's taking note! Just because you’re a size 10 in your favourite department store, doesn’t mean you’ll still be a size 10 in the boutique up the road! For bigger babies it may be especially helpful to keep the weight and length measurements in mind when shopping for baby clothes, as they may never need to wear the tiny ‘newborn’ sizes. Another thing this chart makes clear is that babies can literally double their size in a few short months, so smart shopping can help avoid the costs and potential disappointments of continually updating your baby’s wardrobe.

Smart baby clothes size choices for a bigger bub

There are many uncertainties about life with a newborn, but one thing’s for sure – they grow, and quickly! All being well, even a premmie baby will only stay in tiny baby clothes sizes like 00000 for a short time. A bigger baby may only need 0000 for the first week of life. For newborn babies, just stock up on a few basic singlets and rompers. New babies spend a lot of time swaddled and sleeping, so it’s not a time when you need pretty party dresses or expensive shoes. It is also useful to keep comfort in mind – fussy fastenings are your worst enemy when you’re changing a nappy in dim lighting at 3am and bigger newborns may find restrictive clothing in smaller baby clothes sizes hot and irritating.

Of course, you can still enjoy shopping for cute and colourful outfits, but save that pleasure for the larger baby clothes sizes. Buy most of your new baby clothes in sizes 000 and, if you’re buying a present, you can go even bigger. 00 and 0 size baby clothes make great gifts as they will get at least a few months of wear – just keep in mind what season it will be when the bub is likely to wear your chosen outfit.

Baby clothes sizes can be deceptive. Just because the label says ‘newborn’ doesn’t mean it will fit your baby – especially if your little one is a healthy, bigger bub. If in doubt, choose a bigger baby clothes size when you’re shopping for infant wear. It won’t be long before they grow into it!

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