10 Best Baby Gifts Online In Australia

Saturday September 21st 2013

10 best baby gifts online in Australia

So you need a present for a baby. You want something cool, something fabulous, something that stands out from the crowd. Something the mum will love as much as the baby does – maybe the dad will like it too. But you don’t want to go out and trawl through the same old shops, maybe with kids in tow. Plus you don’t want the added expense and delay of buying from overseas. Well the answer is to buy your baby gifts online in Australia.

Buying presents for a baby online in Australia makes sense. The postage you’re charged is cheaper because you’re not paying international rates. Delivery is faster, because you’re not waiting for overseas shipping. And you can buy the perfect present for a baby right from your phone, iPad or pc at any time of the day or night.

Now thinking about what is cool, fabulous and stands out from the crowd, read on for the 10 best gifts to buy for a baby girl or boy.

1.Bunny rug

Every baby needs a bunny rug, whether it’s summer or winter. This super soft, 100% cotton rug is perfect to wrap a baby in to keep snuggly warm, or to lay a baby on to stretch out and keep cool.

2. Soft rattle toy

As babies discover sights and sounds, a fabric toy rattle is perfect for their wandering fingers and delicate ears. This super hero doll rattle by Alimrose Designs has arms and legs that are easy for little fingers to grasp and soft fabric that will likely be chewed. 

3. Onesies

Yes, the all in one outfit is on the best baby gifts online in Australia. Babies spend most of their life in onsies, so you need a lot of them to make it through to wash days. Look out for all-in-ones that are funky and super cool for girls and boys. We love this lego inspired romper for little boys.

4. Teddy bear

What childhood is complete without a teddy bear? They’re an icon of playfulness and a friend for life. Soft and creamy, with a chocolate brown nose, ears and paws, Edward Bear, is perfect for baby boys or girls.

5. Car case

Right from an early age, every child needs a place to keep their precious things safe. These car cases fit the bill. With brilliant colours and funky designs they are great to look at when baby is new, then make a great toy as baby grows.

6. Night light

Sleepless nights are guaranteed with babies, so a night light is essential. Look for a night light with a soft glow and is easy to turn on and off, as well as look really cute for a little baby’s room – like the Galaxy Star Projector Night Light.

7. Personalised wall art

Nothing says ‘I own this room’ like personalised wall art. Using designs with trucks or elephants, Russian dolls or merry go round ponies, featuring the baby’s name and birth date, little ones will certainly make their mark on the world.

8. Pretty party dress 

Let’s face it, a girl’s need for gorgeous dresses starts young. A little miss can never have too many dresses, waiting ready to wear in her wardrobe. So be the first to give a baby girl her first tutu dress, or add to her collection. You know a girl needs a dress for every possible occasion.

9. Fun bath bag

Fun or frantic, baby bath time needs a lot of organisation to keep things running smoothly. A super cool bath storage bag will give your little one something bright and colourful to look at, and also keep bath things altogether and in handy reach.

10. Meal time set

Before you know it, that little baby will be sitting in a high chair waiting for its first bites of solid food. So be prepared to feed in style, with a silicone bowl and spoons that look great and are virtually unbreakable.

There you have it, the 10 best baby gifts online in Australia. Stylish, funky and fun, these presents for baby will keep everyone happy when your gift is unwrapped.

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